Handy steps to a healthy lunchbox

Handy steps to a healthy lunchbox




  1. Let your child know what’s going into the lunchbox.

Involve your child in their lunch. Let them know what their choices for lunch are, and let them choose their preferred option.

Encourage them to help make their own lunch, if you can. There is often less waste when children help make their own lunch.

  1. Include something from each of the major food groups.

Try to include bread, meat or fish, milk or yogurt, and fruit in the lunchbox.

  1. Soup is handy and healthy.

Homemade soup in a flask is great for cold days. You can make a big batch and use it over the week, or freeze it in portions and use it to add variety over a few weeks.

  1. Treats should be treat-size.

Most schools have a Healthy School Policy where treats are discouraged most days of the week. If you are including a treat in the lunchbox, make it a treat-size one and remember that the healthy food in the lunchbox tastes great, too.

  1. Include a healthy drink.

Children should drink up to 6 mugs of water and milk each day. Juices and fizzy drinks should be limited as much as possible. It can take time for a child to get used to drinking water, but if it keeps their smile looking healthy, it’s worth the effort. Straws and reusable brightly coloured bottles can make healthy drinks more interesting!