Jumpstart for Business


Front row: Imelda O'Donnell, Angela Maher, Keith Dunne, Cara Gorman, Tiona Kilbride

Back Row: Wendy Clinton, Rosaleen Coates, Joe Potter CEO of Westmeath Community Development Ltd., Dan Grehan WCD, Maria Bourke InspirAction, Nick Hargraves 

Jumpstart 4 Business - Pilot Scheme - May 2013

Presentation of certificates for the Jumpstart 4 Business programme.

As part of our ongoing work with people who have established new businesses under the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, Westmeath Community Development, Enterprise Section, identified the need for these new business owners (trading for less than one year) to spend more time “Working On The Business” rather than “Working In The Business”.

Following a tendering process Maria Burke, InspirAction, was contracted to deliver : Jumpstart 4 Business  -  a comprehensive 5 week course delivered to the WCD Pilot Group in workshop style. The three main areas of focus were on:

  • Your Business
  • You
  • Harnessing the Power of your Mind

Using the Steering Wheel Analogy – it is vital to get balance not only in your business (Business Wheel ) but in your personal life (Wheel of Life) also as YOU are the centre of your business!

Based on the concept that “YOU have ALL YOUR right answers inside YOU” each participant received a Journal split into 5 sections for use both during class and to complete weekly Action set at class.

1. Action

2. Focusing on my Business

3. Working on Me

4. Positive Thoughts (aka Affirmations)

5. Weekly Goals Journal (introduced in week 3)

This has now become an active tool for participants as they have been using it daily / weekly for the last 5 weeks. As it is a highly organised tool participants can easily refer back to it at any stage.

For further information on the programme and on the Enterprise Supports available from WCD contact Dan Grehan or Seamus McKenna, – Email dgrehan@westcd.ie or smckenna@westcd.ie 

This project was funded by the Local and Community Development Programme for new Businesses Owners