Westmeath Recreational Strategy - Have your say!

WCD without LTDWestmeath Community Development, Westmeath County Council & Westmeath Sports Partnership are currently preparing the first strategy plan for the promotion of recreation in the county. This is being funded by Westmeath Local Community Development Committee, the Department of Rural and Community Development through the LEADER 2014-2020 programme.

The Recreational Plan aims to link Westmeath’s recreational infrastructure with local communities and businesses through identifying actions/ initiatives to promote the use of these recreational facilities.

You are being invited to participate in an original piece of online research to help formulate the new Westmeath Recreational Strategy over the coming months.

The link below to a ten question / 8 minute online Survey will greatly help to ensuring all voices are heard and to inform the content of the Strategy and give us valuable benchmarks to help us monitor implementation over the coming years. All information supplied is private and confidential. Only leave your contact information if you have a specific follow-up question and would like a member of the SLR Consulting team who have been contracted to produce the Strategy to make direct contact with you. The Survey will remain open for completion up to mid-March.

You are encouraged to spread the link to individuals/groups that may be interested in the project.

Click here to have your say!

For further information contact:

Darina Coughlan
Westmeath Community Development
Mullingar E.T.I Centre
Mullingar Business Park
Co Westmeath

Tel (044) 93 48571 Email: dcoughlan@westcd.ie

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