322. Village Renewal Development

322. Village Renewal & Development      
Project Promoter/Applicant Location Description  Total Eligible Cost Amount Paid
Ballykeeran Residents Association Ballykeeran  Village enhancement works  17,252.00 12,939.00
Raharney Tidy Towns Raharney,  village enhancement works  6,577.32 4,932.99
Ballinahown Community Development Ballinahown Village enhancement works  15,398.98 11,549.23
Streamstown Tidy Village,  Streamstown village enhancement works  10,207.84 7,271.07
Loughnavalley Tidy Towns Loughnavalley Village enhancement works  4,880.00 3,660.00
Tyrrellspass Development Association Tyrrellspass Enhancement works to amenity area in Tyrrellspass 21,002.00 15,751.50
Streete Tidy Towns Streete, Rathowen Village enhancement works  16,729.59 12,547.19
Rochfortbridge Tidy Towns Committee Rochfortbridge  Establishment of new playground and amenity area in Rochfortbridge 119,094.76 89,321.07
Mount Temple Tidy Towns Mount Temple Tidy towns plans for the Mount temple area  3,085.00 2,776.50
Whitehall Community Group Whitehall, Castlepollard Tidy towns plans for the Whitehall area  2,299.00 2,069.10
Streamstown Tidy Village Streamstown Village enhancement works  21,565.00 16,173.75
Finea Tidy Towns Committee  Finea Village enhancement works  24,751.15 18,563.36
Horseleap/Streamstown Community Assoc Horseleap/Streamstown  A&D grant aid strategic plan for Streamstown Horseleap areas 9,800.00 8,820.00
Castlepollard Tidy Towns & Development Assoc Castlepollard  3 year villlage enhancement plan 2,843.50 2,559.15
Rathowen Community Development Rathowen  Compilation of  3 year plan for Rathowen village  5,929.00 5,336.10
Kinnegad Community Council, Kinnegad Kinnegad Establishing new playground in Kinnegad 45,998.07 34,498.55
Ballinahown Community Development Ballinahown Development of a community amenity area including walking track  103,677.20 77,757.90
Ballykeeran Residents Association Ballykeeran, Athlone  3 year villlage enhancement plan 2,644.50 2,380.05
Tang Muintir Community Council,  Tang 3 year villlage enhancement plan 2,644.50 2,380.05
Ballinahown Community Development Ltd  Ballinahown 3 year villlage enhancement plan 2,644.50 2,380.05
Rosemount 20/20, Rosemount Moate  Area development plan 4,970.00 4,473.00
Collinstown Tidy Town Committee Collinstown Compilation of 3 year tidy towns plan for Collinstown  2,890.50 2,601.00
Killucan Raharney Recreation Group,  Killucan Capital grant aid towards playground in Killucan 49,927.60 37,445.70
Streete Parish Park, Streete  Rathowen Funding to develop a walkway around their community facility in Streete  41,930.32 31,447.73
Ballynacargy Tidy Towns, Ballynacargy Ballynacargy Village enhancement works  53,548.94 40,161.70
Midlands Amenity Park Ltd Moate  establishment of Amenity Park  638,183.38 474,220.74
Kinnegad Community Council Kinnegad Enhancement of playground 3,591.39 2,693.54
Castletown Geoghegan Playground Committee Castletown Geoghegan establishment of playground 47,291.30 35,468.47
Clonmellon Community Council Clonmellon establishment of playground 55,000.00 41,250.00
Rathowen Community Development Rathowen Development of a community amenity area including walking track at the Community Centre in Rathowen 102,179.00 76,634.25
Ballynacargy Tidy Towns Ballynacargy establishment of playground 42,660.56 31,995.42
Castedaly Playground Committee Castledaly  Establishing new playground in Castledaly 54,908.00 41,181.00
Horseleap/Streamstown Com Assoc Horseleap Capital grant aid enhancement of community centre   5,000.00 3,750.00
Multyfarnham Country Fair Multyfarnham  Purchase of new marquees for use at local country market    6,015.00 4,511.25
Streamstown Tidy Village - Various Streamstown Village enhancement works  27694.00 20770.50
Cullion AmenityDevelopment Group - Walkway Cullion To develop a walking track 77601.03 58200.76
Renew Kilbeggan Kilbeggan Area development plan 18910.34 17010.00
Crookedwood Community Development Crookedwood To develop a walking track 33512.86 25134.64
Downs Community Group The Downs To develop a walking track 54350.00 40762.50
Baylin District Development & Residents Group Mount Temple To develop a playground 49991.00 37493.25
Rochfortbridge Tidy Towns Rochfortbridge To devise a development plan which will include the natural and built heritage 4212.75 3791.47
      1,813,391.88 1,364,663.53

311. Diversification into Non - Agricultural Activities

312. Business Creation & Development

313. Encouragement of Tourism Activities

321. Basic Service for the Economy & Rural Population

323. Conservation & Upgrading of Rural Heritage

331. Training & Information

341. Skills acquisition, animation & implementation of local development strategies

421. Implementing Co-operation Projects