Healthy Incentive for Pre-Schools (HIP)






 The Healthy Incentive for Pre-Schools (HIP) Project


Project Proposal


The ‘Healthy Incentive for Pre-schools’ (HIP) project is an ongoing child care intervention in the midlands which aims to evaluate pre-schools’ progress through an incentive scheme to improve pre-school nutrition practices in full day care (FDC) pre-schools. These provide care for children aged 3 months to 5 years for greater than 5 hours per day.

The project aims to encourage full day care pre-schools to follow best practice in accordance with particular guidelines given to them, over the course of a year, with the help and support of health worker (HIP Supporter) who is trained to facilitate the pre-school in the award process


  1. To recruit a qualified Dietitian / nutritionist (that meets with criteria outlined) and to train as HIP Supporter; to provide support to pre-schools in 2016 (April - June).


Recruit one Supporter to support all pre-schools – staged payment


  • How do you guarantee all school visits and associated work carried out if providing overall fee? Payment will be made as follows:
  • 10% (of the maximum amount) on signing of contract and submission of initial invoice, and thereafter based on progress report at agreed intervals, and following timeframe for completion agreed with project supervisor.
  • Tender per pre-school: It is envisaged that supporter will cover all pre-schools in the midland region undertaking the HIP programme. Each pre-school will be allocated up to 11 hours with project payment not exceeding €33 per hour.

Duration: calendar year: 2016

Starting date: April 2016.