Press Release- Traveller Project

traveller launchOn Friday 26th September, Westmeath Community Development were delighted to officially launch the “Primary Health Care Project for Travellers in Westmeath .

This is a peer led programme which commenced in Westmeath in September 2013, after much development work and training of Travellers in the County.

The PHCP employs 5 part time community health workers, all of which are members of the Travelling community. Since taking up the role, they have received a great deal  of  training including Triple P, first Aid, computers, effective listening skills, child safety awareness and conflict mediation. The PHCP is co-ordinated by Collette Tuohy.


Linda-Jo Quinn Westmeath Traveller Project Manager gave a presentation highlighting the history of the project and the remarkable success that has been achieved, in that 139 families have now consented to engage with the programme. Its aim is to “ Work towards equality of access and outcome for Travellers Health in Westmeath”. Other Key speakers at the event were Mr Joe Potter CEO of Westmeath Community Development, Mr Fergal Fox from the HSE  Kieran Butler from Westmeath County Council and Christine Joyce (jnr) who spoke about the recent publication “ When skies were bluer”, which is a culmination of a collection of photographs depicting times gone by for the Traveller Community. 

The Westmeath Traveller project is funded by the HSE through the Traveller Health unit and is supported and managed by Westmeath Community Development under the Local and Community Development Programme. Funding for the recent publication was received from the Department of Justice through the Westmeath Traveller Interagency Group. Ms Linda-Jo Quinn would like to thank all those that attended the launch and paid tribute to all the agencies that have supported the project to date.

Traveller Logos Launch