Care & Repair Service 2013


Volunteers taking part in Care & Repair Blitz in Athlone Front row L-R Helen McCaul, Anne Campbell, Joan Wykes, Joan Dolan-Baker, Back row L-R John Flynn, Brian Hynes

2013 marked a hugely successful year for our Care & Repair Service, both for the older people availing of the service and the volunteers working with the service.

Over 400 Care & Repair jobs have been completed this year, an increase of over 70% on our 2012 jobs completed. Nearly 100 older people have benefited from our jobs in 2013, again a marked increase on our 2012 figures.

Our biggest development this year is our Home Visit or "Care" service which has been rolled out in the Athlone area. The response to this new service has been very positive. One of our clients who has been receiving weekly Home Visits since it was launched in April of 2013 said that the "Volunteers are like angels from Heaven they are so nice and caring in every way". She eagerly awaits their visit every week. One of our volunteers visiting an older person, discovered that they both came from the west of Ireland, and they both had an interest in Irish music, so they went on to have a session on the accordions, as both of them have a passion for playing music. The older person is in her nineties, and was delighted to get the chance to once again take up her passion. Around 100 home visits will have been completed by the end of the year.


All of our volunteers are very efficient and effective on the jobs they carry out. If our volunteers should come across any problems arising during their home visits which would pose a danger to the people they are visiting, they report the problem back to us immediately, so we the Care & Repair team can refer the issue to the appropriate service, or alternatively if it were a job for the repair volunteers we would organise for them to call.

We recently completed a blitz with a number of our volunteers. This blitz was organised after concerns were raised about the living conditions of a client on our Home Visit scheme. This blitz involved a team effort by our volunteers who will clean up the Older Persons home. The lady in question is minding her elderly mother as well as caring for her son and is finding it difficult to organise her home with all the commitments. This lady contacted us in a very distressed state, stating she was finding it difficult to cope. One of our volunteers in the Athlone area had been in contact with the lady, and informed her about all the great work that is carried out in the area, and from there we organised a blitz.

Our Repair Volunteers have completed over 300 jobs this year, and our 2014 plans involve expanding into parts of Westmeath Where we don't currently offer services, and we are also hoping to develop a Home Visit service in Mullingar.

For further information on the Care & Repair service contact Anne Campbell or Marion Gallagher in Care & Repair at 044 9348571 or email,