Employer Links Mullingar and Environs

Westmeath Community Development invites tenders from agencies and bodies with links to employers in the Mullingar area;

  • To Match 25-40 of our clients to job openings with local employers
  • To Interact directly with companies and candidates to help facilitate the job seekers secure employment
  • To Interact directly with both parties to find matches between what employers require and what job seekers have to offer

Our clients are individuals that are in receipt of a Social Welfare payment, and in excess of 250 new clients have engaged with WCD since the beginning of 2012.

The contract period is from June 1st to Oct 31st.

The tender proposal will detail;

  1. Existing links with employers
  2. Previous work with employers
  3. Knowledge of employment opportunities in the locality
  4. Knowledge of skills gaps in the locality
  5. Areas of employment potential  in the locality
  6. A quotation, detailing costing on a per job matched basis

Payment will be based on the number of individuals placed in employment during the contract period

To count towards payment of the contract an employment placement will be defined as follows;

             The post will be for a minimum of 20 hours paid per week.

             The post should be expected to last at least 6 months.

WCD must be satisfied that the placement did not result in the displacement of existing employees.

Unpaid or government internship placement schemes will not be counted.

Work placements such as TUS, CE, JI or other similar scheme, will not be counted.

Closing date for receipt of tender is May 18th 2012.

Please send tender to; Laura Leonard, Financial Controller, Westmeath Community Development, Mullingar Enterprise and Technology Park, Clonmore Industrial Estate, Mullingar, Co Westmeath.