Jobs Club - Mullingar Sept 2019

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Westmeath Community Development is providing a free Job Club Programme for the unemployed in the Mullingar area.

The Job Club Programme will run for the duration of 4 weeks

Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm

This programme will be run in the Westmeath Community Development, Mullingar E.T.I. Ctr, Mullingar Business Park,  Mullingar

And is due to commence on the 

Monday 23rd September 2019

To secure a place please contact:

Please contact your local DEASP office or contact either of the following Westmeath Community Development's Jobs Club staff Noel Breslin or Deirdre Piggott for further information.

Participants will receive an expense allowance per week.  (Programme participants for the 4 weeks)

noel b             Dept of Employment Affairs Social Protection