Request for Tender: To deliver a Catering Skills Course

FoodWestmeath Community Development invites proposals from organisations & individuals to deliver a Catering Skills Course.

The purpose of the course is to:

  • Equip our clients with the knowledge, skill and competence to carry out range of practical skills to enable them to competently carry out core catering responsibilities and culinary tasks within various hospitality food service settings.
  • Develop and perform techniques and processes essential to professional cookery.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding necessary to produce and garnish dishes, using a range of traditional and contemporary commodities and processes.
  • Provide learners with the skills, techniques and understanding necessary to produce breakfast, lunches, salads, sandwiches, dinners, deserts, baking skills and volume cooking.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop fundamental skills in food preparation, vegetable preparation, knife skills.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to produce a range of hot and cold traditional and contemporary dishes, volume cooking and bakery skills.
  • Develop the skills and capacity to assist a head chef in all daily catering tasks including: Breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation, production and service.

The Tender proposal will detail:

  • Course Module Training Plan outlining;
    • learning outcomes
    • course delivery methods
    • course assessment methods
    • CV’s for all trainers, chefs delivering the course and linked to modules
    • learner evaluation and feedback methods
    • course materials cost breakdown and supporting documentation (food ingredients, utensils eligible only)
    • proposed timeframe and timetable for course delivery

Tender must include the following documentation:

  • Individual/Company profile including personnel and resources necessary to satisfy suitability criteria.
  • Areas of expertise, details of relevant qualifications and experience and skills relevant to the delivery of the proposed programme.
  • Relevant experience and certificates of qualifications of trainers delivering course modules, tutors, chefs.
  • Details of experience of any sub-consultants which are to be used in the programme delivery.
  • Outline of proposed training programme including modules, scheduling and timeframe.
  • Methodology; tenders should include details outlining the proposed approach to the work and how it is to be implemented.
  • Fee proposal; tender should include a detailed breakdown of all costs, as this is a training initiative VAT does not apply.
  • To be eligible service providers must produce a valid Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • To be eligible service providers must hold and produce a copy of their Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Other Relevant Information

  • The course training locations are WESTCD training rooms 1 day a week and a commercial kitchen in the Mullingar area 3 days a week (provided by WESTCD).
  • Course delivery times are from 10 am to 4 pm daily – 4 days per week
  • Course duration 11-12 weeks.
  • The successful tenderer will be required to report to a designated staff member on a weekly basis.
  • A second course may be contracted to the successful tenderer subject to client demand, the tenderer fulfilling all the contract requirements and successful completion of the initial course.
  • Providers should note that they will be required to show flexibility and programme contents; structure and delivery mechanisms may need to be adjusted to meet Westmeath Community Developments training needs.

Award of Contract

  1. A selection panel will be established to review the tenders received. 
  2. It is anticipated that bidders will be notified of the outcome of this tender exercise during week commencing 22nd January 2018.  
  3. The successful contractor will be expected to start delivery on 6th February 2018.
  4. Westmeath Community Development shall be under no obligation to accept the lowest, or any tender, and tenderers shall submit offers on the basis of so doing at no cost to the company.
  5. Tender value is the final value and cannot be adjusted.

Tenders should be marked for the attention of Tricia McKenna and received no later than 1pm on Friday 19th January 2018.

One soft-copy (with scanned copies of all documentation outlined above) must be submitted by email to:

Tendering individuals/organisations may be requested to attend an interview.

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