Thirsty weather!


Healthy schools



            The end of the year is here, and hopefully we have a sunny summer ahead of us!

            Encourage pupils to drink plenty of water over the summer, and remind them that water is the best fluid for kids. Children need to drink about one-and-a-half litres (that’s about 6-8 glasses or 3-4 ACE Water Bottles) of water every day. Encourage them to spread this out over the day. For example, encourage having a glass of water with each meal, before play-time, after playtime and an hour before bedtime.

            Children never need to drink Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks. If a child is eating 3 healthy meals in the day, they will have enough energy to support any exercise they do. Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks provide unnecessary extra energy that can lead to unwanted weight gain. Remind your pupils of this as often as possible!

            Have a wonderful summer!