Random Acts of Kindness

                              Random Acts of Kindness







As we approach Lent, children are often encouraged to give up something or to take up a healthy habit. Perhaps you and your class could make a special project of doing kind acts throughout the Lenten period.  

Here are some suggestions to get you started. Visit www.RandomActsOfKindness.org for more ideas and great classroom resources.

  • Kindness Box: fill this box with compliments, recounts of acts of kindness, positive stories, inspiring quotes and thank you notes. You could open it once a term and celebrate the kindness of the class by pinning the contents onto a notice board.
  • Gratitude Journal: Taking 5 minutes each day to write down daily blessings can increase long-term well-being by 10%. That’s the same impact that doubling your income would have! Perhaps the last five minutes of school could be used to allow pupils to reflect upon, and write down, the things they are glad happened that day.
  • Saying ‘thank you’: Encourage your pupils to remember to say thank you. Impress upon them the importance of recognising the kindnesses of other people, as well as cultivating their own kindness.