Volunteer Ireland and Local Volunteer Centres' Annual TD Engagement Day


Ian O’Flynn and Michelle Raleigh, Westmeath Volunteer Centre are pictured with Willie Penrose TD and Robert Troy TD at Volunteer Ireland and local Volunteer Centres’ Annual TD Engagement Event at Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin on Tuesday 24th September 2013.


Volunteer Ireland and local volunteer centres were present at the annual TD Engagement Event at Buswell's Hotel, Dublin on Tuesday September 24th.

At the event Volunteer Ireland and local volunteer centres highlighted the need for the Government to the reduce barriers that unemployed people face when they wish to volunteer their time. These issues were highlighted by the Westmeath Volunteer Centre who have received feedback from volunteers, that applications to volunteer under the Voluntary Work Option can be refused. The Policy on the level and type of volunteering activity deemed acceptable under the Voluntary Work Option can differ greatly between different social welfare offices.

So far this year over 198 volunteers have registered with Westmeath Volunteer Centre. One of the most popular reasons for volunteering among newly registered volunteers has been to ‘gain or improve skills’. Now more than ever it is crucial that volunteers in Westmeath have access to volunteering opportunities that can help to improve their employability and take a step towards paid employment.

For further information on the issues discussed at this on the day click on the link below

vi and vcs td engagement event 2013.pdf

If you wish to volunteer your time then contact Ian O' Flynn or Michelle Raleigh on 044 93 48571