WCD Launch Village Action Plans for Seven Areas of Co Westmeath

WCD without LTDOn Tuesday last 19th June, Westmeath Community Development officially launched their Village Action Plans for seven Villages. The evening proved a great success and the positivity and energy in the room was clear to be seen.

Peter Ormond, Community Development Worker at Westmeath Community Development was M.C. for the evening and speakers included, Bernie Leavy, (Leader Programme Manager), Hugh O Reilly, Community Development Section, Westmeath County Council, Blue Moss Consultants, representatives from the various villages. The plans were officially launched by the Chairperson of Westmeath Community Development, Dermot Leavy who spoke of the positivity of the process and he encourages the communities to work with the agencies to implement their plans.

Improving the lives of those living and working in rural communities in Westmeath is a priority for Westmeath Community Development. Last year, Westmeath Community Development and Westmeath County Council came together and developed a joint strategy for Towns and Village Action Planning Initiative.

Westmeath County Council have provided funding for 8 town plans and Westmeath Community Development provided funding for this initiative through the Leader Programme 2014-2020. The seven villages included in the process were Multyfarnham, Streete, Rosemount, Collinstown, Castletown Geoghegan, Milltownpass and Coole.

The Communities were assisted in this process by Blue Moss Consultants who provided valuable guidance and facilitated each stage of the plan. The process involving all seven villages took place over six months, between January and June 2018. All villages followed a similar process that is interactive and aimed at turning words into actions.

The Action Plans included an audit of existing resources and services and identified projects that could be advanced for the social and economic benefit of all areas. The process commenced in January of this year and included over 35 meetings with the seven communities.

Each plan identifies specific actions, and assigns responsibility for delivery of each action to an agency within a clear timeframe. These actions will deliver practical measures to support the economic and social development of the villages you represent. They will ensure that our rural villages are vibrant, robust and ready to face future challenges.

Westmeath Community Development would like to thank the communities of the seven villages for their co-operation and dedication to this process. The clear message from the launch of the plans was that the plans belong to the people of the villages and that agencies are available to provide and support this process.

To view the Plans click on the links below:-

Collinstown Plan 2018-2023

Coole Plan 2018-2023

Castletown Geoghegan Plan 2018-2023

Mutlyfarnham Plan 2018-2023

Milltownpass Plan 2018-2023

Rosemount Plan 2018-2023

Streete Parish Plan 2018-2023

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