Sustainable Energy in your Home, Business, Community

Sustainable Energy in your Home, Business, Community

Westmeath Community Development has commenced a project to support the development of a sustainable energy initiative in a number of pilot rural communities in Co. Westmeath, (Emper, Loughegar, Rahugh, and Rosemount).  As part of this initiative, energy and environmental specialist, Patrick Daly, will be hosting a series of information workshops within these communities to meet with individuals, businesses, farmers, and various community organisations to inform, inspire and promote sustainable energy in the community.

Small rural communities are spending millions of Euro’s on energy imports.

Preliminary energy and resource analysis that we have undertaken to date has indicated that some of these small communities are expending in the region of ½ a million Euro to 1.5 million Euro per annum, and could expend some 5 to 15 million Euro over the next decade on energy!!!

These communities could radically reduce their energy consumption through energy efficiency measures and have the ability to supply much of their energy from local sources, which would not only have positive environmental benefits, but significant economic benefits from retention of monies in the local economy, job creation, diversification of the agricultural sector etc.

Community Workshop’s - Key Dates

Would you like to know more about reducing your energy use and bills in your home or business?

Are you interested in knowing more about Renewable Energy in general? Wind? Solar? Biomass? Anaerobic Digestion?   Would you like to participate or help organise a Community Energy Project in your area?

Would you like to see and support your local economy and job creation?

If you would like to learn more ….. Come along to the following information workshops in your locality ….


It is envisaged that a working group will be formed in each community, representing interested parties and key community stakeholder organisations, who will meet in March to brainstorm ideas and project proposals.

This will be followed by a Final Workshop on 20th April at the Bloomfield House Hotel, which will include public seminars and conference.

For further information – contact Patrick Daly, sustainable communities’ consultant, 0449372008, or