323. Conservation & Upgrading of Rural Heritage

323. Conservation & Upgrading of Rural Heritage      
Project Promoter/Applicant Location Description  Total Eligible Cost Amount Paid
Energy Project c/o WCD Westmeath Research project re: Renewable Energy in Westmeath 10,000.00 9,000.00
Midland Amenity Park Association  Moate Feasibility Study re: the establishment of Midland Amenity Park in Moate 28,525.75 25,673.17
Ballynacargy Family Resource Centre Ballynacargy Ballynacargy Intergenerational Project research of stories etc. by youth with elderly community members and published  4,500.00 4,050.00
Helen Conneely, Celtic Roots Studio,  Ballinahown Economuseum Feasability Study re: establishment of economuseum at Celtic Roots  4,875.00 3,656.25
Community Halls Energy Client c/o WCD  Westmeath Contracting of specialist to undertake Energy Audits on community centres in Westmeath 3,674.96 3,307.46
Energy Specialist Project c/o WCD Westmeath Contracting of Specialist to look at renewable energy options in westmeath   4,620.00 4,158.00
Kilbeggan Heritage Group Kilbeggan publication of history book 1,368.84 1,026.63
Westmeath Rural Arts Network Westmeath purchase of equipment 1,824.32 1,368.24
Dean Kelly Memorial Assoc   Coosan, Athlone Compliation of historical record of school & surrounding area Coosan Athlone  10,139.00 7,604.25
Taughmon-Turin Women's Group,  Taughmon, Mullingar Compilation of history book on the area  4,574.09 3,430.56
Kilbixy and District Conservation Association Ballynacargy Renovations to the redundant section of Kilbixy Church to create a heritage/community space 200,000.14 149,999.77
Mullingar Charity Variety Group Mullingar refurbishment of premises for artistic endeavours   42,873.57 32,155.17
Emper Community Development Emper, Ballynacargy Placenames project 4,688.31 2,953.63
Rosemount Community Committee,  Rosemount The group has applied for assistance to publish a book on the history of their community 7,280.00 5,460.00
Moate Museum & Historical Society Moate  A&D grant aid towards contracting specialist adviser to assist in reorganisation of local Museum 4,850.00 4,365.00
Moate Museum & Historical Society  Moate  Capital grant aid to assist in reorganisation of local Museum 4,700.00 3,525.00
Mullingar Charity Variety Group Forest park, Mullingar  Phase II of the refurbishment of premises & purchase of equipment   20,650.55 15,487.91
Kilbixy & District Conservation Assoc - Equipment Balllynacargy Assistance in purchasing equipment marketing for heritage site 4,662.17 3,496.62
Fore Heritage & Amenity Group Fore Assistance to develop walkway including bridges, gateways, fencing 115603.98 85789.12
Dan Scally - Feasibility Study Kilbeggan Feasibility study into restoring old bank house and turn it into workshops/display area 6359.51 4769.63
      485,770.19 371,276.41

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321. Basic Service for the Economy & Rural Population

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421. Implementing Co-operation Projects