Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013 (LEADER)

The aim of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) is to improve the Quality of Life in rural areas and to encourage Diversification of the Rural Economy. The Programme covers all rural areas of Westmeath but excludes the areas within the Town Council boundaries of Athlone and Mullingar.    

As was the case with the previous LEADER programmes, the Rural Development Programme places major emphasis on the implementation of innovative approaches to rural development at a local level.  

Support will be provided for the generation of economic activity and enterprise, including diversification into non-agricultural activities, the creation of new and the expansion of existing enterprises, job creation and sustaining of existing jobs as well as the generation of additional and alternative incomes in rural areas.  The encouragement of tourism activities and the conservation and  upgrading of the rural heritage, village enhancement works and the provision of community facilities such as community centres and playgrounds can also be supported under the Programme.   

Aid is also available in respect of Analysis and Development (Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Tidy Towns Plans etc.) across Measures.

Aid will take the form of support under the following measures:

311. Diversification into non Agricultural Activities

312 Business Creation & Development (Enterprise)

313. Encouragement of Tourism Activities

321. Basic Services for the Economy & Rural Population

322. Village Renewal Development

323. Conservation Upgrading of Rural Heritage

331. Training & Information

341. Skills acqusisition animation implementation of local development strategies

421. Implementing Co-operation Projects

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RDP Projects 2013

idea2enterprise update

Since the very successful ideas2enterprise launches in Mullingar and Athlone, the ideas2enterprise team has been busy collating the information and arranging the next steps.

Over 180 people have been involved to date, with 143 expressions of interest received.

We have started to contact all the people involved, and this will be completed in the coming days. At this stage we expect in excess of 40  people to be invited back for the Idea Development Workshop.

If you have not been contacted to date, please contact Laura Leonard on 0449348571.

The ideas2enterprise programme is supported by Westmeath Community Development through the Rural Development (LEADER) Programme.



Westmeath Experience

Experience Westmeath will run from 8th to 22nd July and will bring together the very best of Westmeath’s unique craftmakers. From jewellers to textile designers, woodturners, milliners, felt makers and fashion designers to many more. It will also create opportunities for hobbyists/emerging craft makers to showcase their work through two craft events which will be open to the public at two locations during the event, Ballinahown Craft Village and in Mullingar.

In Westmeath there is a growing craft presence which has been strengthened in recent years with the opening of Core Crafted Design, the development around Ballinahown Craft Village and the formation of MADE in Westmeath. Groups such as these represent craft makers in Ireland who are creating these handmade pieces in what is mainly a rural location.

Some existing craft makers in Wesmeath will open their studios to the public during the event. Groups will attend workshops delivered by the craft maker. Craft makers will also run a series of training workshops during the event at the two locations, Ballinahown and Mullingar.

This event has been supported by Westmeath Community Development through the Rural Development (LEADER) Programme. For further information go to 




Streete Annual Vinatge Day, July 8th



The 2012 Steete Parish Park Annual Vintage Day will take place on Sunday next July 8th. This is the 11th year of the event that will include vintage displays of steam engines, cars, tractors, stationary engines etc as well as demonstrations by exhibitors throughout the day.

This event has been supported by Westmeath Community Development through the Rural Development (LEADER) Programme.

For further information go to