SICAP (2015-2017)

SICAP (2015-2017)

Welcome to the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) page.

What is SICAP?

The aim of SICAP is to reduce poverty and promote social inclusion and equality through local, regional and national engagement and collaboration. Its vision is to improve the life chances and opportunities of those who are marginalised in society, living in poverty or in unemployment through community development approaches, targeted supports and interagency collaboration, where the values of equality and inclusion are promoted and human rights are respected.

Programme Implementers, with the support of Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs), will target those who are the most disadvantaged and excluded in our society. LCDCs in conjunction with the contracted Programme Implementers are required to empower communities to work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders using a broad range of supports and interventions facilitated via the new programme funds.

The Programme has three goals:

1. To support and resource disadvantaged communities and marginalised target groups to engage with relevant local and national stakeholders in identifying and addressing social exclusion and equality issues;

2. To support individuals and marginalised target groups experiencing educational disadvantage so they can participate fully, engage with and progress through life-long learning opportunities through the use of community development approaches;

3. To engage with marginalised target groups/individuals and residents of disadvantaged communities who are unemployed but who do not fall within mainstream employment service provision, or who are referred to SICAP, to move them closer to the labour market and improve work readiness, and support them in accessing employment and self-employment and creating social enterprise opportunities.

Final Report End of Year 2017

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The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2015-2017 is funded by the Irish Government and co-funded by the European Social Fund and includes a special allocation under the Youth Employment Initiative.

Healthcare Support Course - Major Award

WCD without LTDWho should apply:
Anyone who is currently unemployed, on CE/TUS or working part time  and interested in working with individuals in a healthcare environment.

Course content and learning outcomes: The course will provide learners with comprehensive knowledge and skills to care for clients in a number of care environments.

There are 8 units of study:

Unit 1:
Care skills                             Unit 2: Care of the Older Person

Unit 3: Safety & Health at Work         Unit 4: Care Support

Unit 5: Work Experience                    Unit 6: Infection Prevention

Unit 7: Palliative Care Support            Unit 8: Team Working                     

Assessment of Learning:

The purpose of this course is to equip individuals with the knowledge, skill and competence to work effectively in the care industry.  All participants will undertake the following Assessment Methods for the above modules:

  • Written theory assignments
  • Practical skills demonstrations

Venue:                        Delivered from Westmeath Community Development Mullingar

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Bespoke Catering/Cookery Course in 2018

FoodWould you like to work alongside qualified chefs in local hotels and restaurants; are you interested in a career in cooking or catering?

Let your interest and passion for cooking guide you to securing job opportunities and a career in the catering, cooking and hospitality industry.

Westmeath Community Development in conjunction with the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection delivers a Bespoke Catering/Cookery Course in the New Year!

HOW?    We are offering you a chance to gain quality cooking skills and knowledge from top professionals in the industry in a commercial kitchen. During the course you will learn a range of culinary skills across many aspects of cookery:

You will gain the following on the course:

  • Knife Skills
  • Working in a commercial kitchen
  • Gain skills in making stocks, sauces, soups
  • Prepare and cook meat, fish, poultry.
  • Prepare and cook vegetables and soups
  • Prepare and cook breakfast, lunch and dinners
  • Prepare and cook lunches, appetisers, salads and deserts
  • Food and nutrition
  • Baking skills, breads, scones, pastries, deserts hot and cold.
  • HACCP, Occupational First Aid, Manual Handling
  • Employability Skills – career opportunities in catering and cooking
  • Health & Safety
  • Service skills


  • Course Location: WCD Training Rooms, Mullingar & Crookedwood House
  • Duration & Time: 12 weeks Monday to Thursday from 10 to 4 pm
  • Start date: Monday 29th January 2018
  • Number of Places: 12 places – individuals 18 years +

To apply for a place on this course email for an application form, please note limited places available so don’t hesitate. 

= Transport provided for training to Crookedwood House from Mullingar =

Application & selection process includes the following:

  • Application form – apply to - registration by email only
  • Interviews for a place on the course are on Tuesday 23rd January 2018
  • Closing date for applications Friday 19th January 2018

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Dept of Employ Affairs and Social Protection


FREE - Disability Awareness Workshop

Are you a member of a local community group?

Would you like to learn more about “ What is Disability” and the challenges people face in their daily lives.

Find out how you can support and include people in your community?

If so—you are invited to take part in a 1 day Workshop

 Date :              Monday 11th December 2017

 Time :              9.30-4.00pm

 Venue:            Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Clonown Road, Athlone, Co Westmeath

As part of the work under the Social inclusion activation programme (SICAP), Westmeath Community Development is running this 1 day workshop in relation to Disability Awareness.

The objective of the workshop is to highlight the challenges and barriers people with disabilities face in society and explore how YOU can help alleviate some of these:

Topics that will be covered are as follows:

  1. What is “ Disability”
  2. History of Disability
  3. Myths surrounding Disability
  4. Medical versus the Social Model
  5. Challenges and barriers
  6. Possible solutions

The Workshop is interactive with group work and activities.

WCD are inviting members of local community groups to apply for a place which is FREE.

As places are limited they will be offered on a first come first served basis and local community group members, whose groups are registered with the SICAP programme will be prioritised.

Booking Form

Please return to Linda-Jo Quinn at Westmeath Community Development
or post to:

Westmeath Community Development
Unit 4 Rockdean
Blyry Industrial Estate
Co Westmeath

Tel 090 64 16121  for further information.

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Closing date for receipt of applications is Wednesday 6th December 2017  at 1 p.m.

Tea and coffee and light refreshments will be available on the day

This Workshop is funded by Westmeath Community Development under the Social Inclusion Activation  Programme.

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Bespoke Deli Training Course

wcdlWestmeath Community Development in conjunction with "The Chop Shop" Athlone will deliver a Bespoke Deli Course

An exciting new healthy café servicing nutritious, delicious, filling, tempting selections of salads and lunches is opening in Athlone Town Centre the first week in December.

The Chop Shop will offer and serve healthy tasty food options to its customers from the first floor of Athlone Town Centre with an amazing menu to choose from with the option of enjoying your food in the café or ordering and taking out your delicious lunch.

WCD are delighted to have been offered the opportunity to work with The Chop Shop and support them in their recruitment and training process.

If you are interested in working in Athlone’s latest food revolution cafe then this course is for you.  Participation on the course will significantly improve your job application and preparation process, you will improve your interview skills, gain first hand an in-depth understanding of the cafes imaginative nutritious menu, learn the techniques in fresh food preparation and subject to completing the short course will gain an interview with The Chop Shop for one of their many staffing positions (full and part time post available).

Course Modules

1 HACCP                                           2: Healthy Eating        3: Manual Handling

4: Deli Skills                                      5: Employability Skills

6: Knife techniques & chopping skills  

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